We are a female lay institute of consecrated life operating in Poland, Brazil, the USA, Italy, Lithuania and Ukraine.

We do not live together but remain in our own environments trying to change the world from the inside with our daily prayer, work, attitude and testimony. All women who feel the vocation for consecrated life, but at the same time intend to carry on living and working in the secular world, staying in touch with their families are invited to have a look at our mission and the way we live.

The Institute of Divine Mercy affiliates - married and widowed women

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Apart from regular members who live as celibates and in full profession of the evangelical counsels, there are married and widowed women who are affiliated with the Institute of Divine Mercy.

A married woman can become an affiliate with the consent of her spouse.

Affiliates live the Divine Mercy mission in accordance with the Catholic Church teachings and in union with the Most Holy Virgin Mary - Mother of Mercy.

They become affiliated with the Institute through their vows to live by the evangelical counsels, which are taken for one year and repeated annually.

Married and widowed members take temporary vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, which are binding in conscience and with respect to third parties' rights (their husbands, children or other family).

The vows contribute to the member's striving for perfection in her marriage and professional life and in result, to her spiritual growth and development.

In order to be able to fulfill the vows faithfully, it is vital to submit to God's will completely following the example of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, and to derive strength from prayer.

The formation of the affiliates is done in training groups with the guidance of an instructor during formation meetings, days of prayer and retreats and by taking part in the Institute's life and activities.

The affiliates join the Church's mission to sanctify and change the world from the inside introducing the spirit of love, justice and truth into the actualities of life.

Their main area of activity is their marriage and family. Above all, they should be perfect, loving wives and mothers, who take care of their homes and children, and then if possible, who take up other apostolic activities. All their apostolate should be inspired by the Divine Mercy mission and the example of Merciful Jesus.

It is possible for a widow to become a regular IDM member who lives as a celibate and in full profession of the evangelical counsels after meeting the conditions regulated by the IDM statute.